My name is Lyra Evans, and I'm your Ontario NDP candidate for Ottawa Vanier

I am an environmental chemist and activist, having worked under organisations like *Kindspace and the Youth Services Bureau. My political career and policy positions have been profoundly influenced by my experience as a homeless teenager. I believe there are better systems possible for those struggling and in need, and I want to help build a society where the vulnerable aren't abandoned and left falling through the cracks.

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I am currently the OCDSB School Board Trustee for Zone 9, where I've moved and passed motions to create the OCDSB Green Climate Fund, provide free menstrual products in all washrooms, and end the School Resource Officer program in our schools.

I'm the first transgender school board trustee in Canada, as well as the first transgender candidate of any major party in an Ontario election.


If I'm elected MPP, I will fight in Queen's Park to:

  • Address the housing and homelessness crisis
  • Expand our healthcare system to universal coverage for pharmacare, dentalcare, and mental healthcare
  • Address the climate crisis by better including scientists in the decision-making process
  • Fix our underfunded education system by hiring more staff, changing our schools' funding formula, and by rethinking the curriculum
  • Reform our democracy by switching to a Mixed-Member Proportional voting system