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Thank you for your willingness to donate, every little bit helps.

To make a donation, send an E-transfer to You will get an email back requesting the following information:

  • Full name
  • Postal Code & Address
  • A confirmation you have not donated more than 5000$ in this municiapl election
  • A confirmation that you are not being reimbursed by a corperation or union


Given the laws governing municipal elections, people who wish to donate must:

  • Be a resident of Ontario
  • Be an individual, and not reimbursed by a corperation
  • Not have exceeded the municipal donation limits of 5000$ total, or 1200$ to any one candidate this election.

These same laws do not allow for tax reciepts for trustee election candidates.

If you are unable to donate via E-transfer for any reason, please call 343 998 3730 and someone will reach out to assist you.